Monday, March 30, 2015

First 5K

I'm a little late in posting this (only a week but whose counting).

I tend to give into peer pressure when the pressure is for something good. Like signing up for 2 5K's and getting a pair of shoes. I mean why wouldn't you give into your friends when they tell you that you should do this with them.

While I was wogging looking for that first mile I was thinking to myself, why oh why did I let them talk me into this. I'm not a runner. I despise running and basically any cardio. I must have bad friends.


These "bad friends" are actually some of the best friends. They knew I could do it before I thought I could do it.

These friends were waiting for me and ran the last bit with me again cheering me on.

These friends pushed me to do something I had never done and probably would never do had they not pressured me into it.

The course which was hilly. I mean really hilly. I might also add that it was incredibly cold

I'm so glad they convinced me to do this
We got medals and shirts. Made it that much better

So while I wanted to quit multiple times I kept going. I would run for a certain distance and then walk. I would try and catch up to people a head of me and once I passed them I wouldn't let me pass me again.

Something that I thought was just plain awesome was how encouraging everyone is. At this race you could run a 5k, 10k or 15k. People running the 10 and 15 would run by and just say encouraging words. Good job, keep it up, you are doing great. Seriously amazing.

So now that I have a benchmark I hope to do better.

I will do better.

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