Friday, February 28, 2014


These past 2 weeks have been rough. By rough I mean I feel like I have been pulled into a million different directions without a plan or time to even consider making one. Sounds like an excuse, yes it is but it is also real life.

The bootcamp challenge at the gym ended on Valentine's day. Just in time for my date with George Strait! Well, my husband had to go as well =). My results from that challenge included 19lbs gone (not lost because I don't intend to find them again) and 27.75 inches gone. With results like that, I came in third place! First time the last couple of boot camps at the gym I placed!

The following week I was at a conference. I was driving back and forth. I was able to plan some snacks (strawberry almonds, grapes, protein bars etc). However, lunch and dinners were hard. I took my MNS packets and had my carb ease and fibo trim, yet it didn't seem like enough. The nice part about driving back and forth was that I was able to keep up with my workouts. The eating probably wasn't as bad as a I think it was but I still didn't have complete control and I didn't really like that! If that week taught me anything, it shows that I love having control over my choices.

This past week, the sickness has hit our house. Reagan got sick on Saturday night. 3 or 4 baths and bed changes later we were finally able to go to sleep. Then Matt got sick. He of course was dying as most men do when they are sick. So far I have been able to avoid that end of the sickness. Then yesterday, Reagan tested positive for RSV. So today, I am home with her. At least I know that I am control of my choices today.

When things get stressful, I want to turn to food. Not because it will make the stress go away but because I think that it fills me. It gives me something to focus on. And that, that is the hardest part of my past to move on from. Eating when I am stressed has been my go to for so long and I thought I had conquered it until things like this pop up. I feel like it drags me back 10 steps.  I know no one is perfect and stress gets to all of us no matter how much we try to avoid it but somehow it doesn't seem to effect others like it does me. I feel kind of like an addict who has been clean for so long then you get one whiff of  your trigger and it drags you back in.

But this time, I won't be staying back here. I won't let this turn of events keep me from achieving my goals! I know what I need to do and like Scarlett O'Hara said in Gone With the Wind, "after all tomorrow is another day."

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


24 day challenge results

Total Inches Lost- 17.5
Total Pounds Lost- 11
Feeling- Amazing

Total Inches Lost- 14.5
Total Pounds Lost- 4
Feeling- Can't wait to do it again!

Want to feel better about yourself, get healthy and have more energy. The 24 Day Challenge is a great place to start. I would love to help you become the best version of you!

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 24

Last day! Seriously the last day! This challenge has been just that a challenge but I think I kicked butt. I will say having the accountability of this blog, tracking my food in MFP and having the team support made it possible.

Food Choices

Breakfast- Sausage links

Lunch- Chicken cutlets. I bought some on Saturday night and have been letting them marinade in italian dressing and pulling them out and cooking them as needed. So easy and so delicious.

Supper- Pork Loin with a few mashed potatoes.

Snacks- Peanut butter and I did have a few ready bake chocolate chip cookies

Water- 172 BOOM!!!

Exercise- The gym was closed due to weather (I had a snow day from work as well) so no 2 a day :( but I did play with Reagan and clean.

Will post results soon!!

Day 23

Today was a bad day. Like bad. But I wouldn't be honest with myself if I didn't record it.

Food Choices

Breakfast- Amazing Chobani strawberry bowl

Lunch- Almond crusted chicken. Broccoli, Then the down hill spiral started. I had some ranch with my chicken and I was still hungry so I had a scoop of peanut butter.

Supper- Matt wanted steak so we had steak and I had some potatoes. Along with an ice cream bar :(. Also for whatever reason, I got into the peanut m & m's and COULD NOT STOP!

Snacks- Strawberries, strawberry almonds and fun size m & m's and snickers. I was on a chocolate binge and just couldn't be stopped.

Water- 50oz yea like I said, crappy crappy day

Exercise- Spin sculpt in the morning. I should have gone to the evening class as well if I was going to eat like that!

I had a bad day. I could see exactly what I was doing and I did it anyways. However, one bad day does not take away from all the good that I have done so far. Life goes on and I just make better choices the next day.

Day 22

I feel like I should always give a preface to the day that I am blogging about. Sadly, I have nothing.

Food Choices

Breakfast- OMG let me tell you about the amazingness that is my breakfast. A, a girl I work out with shared this awesomness with me and I just have to share it with you! Her version of the power bowls from Panera. This one has a cup of Chobani greek yogurt, 3 sliced strawberries, 24 almonds (I put mine in the bullet mixer and ground them up) and a drizzle of honey. This amazingness has 356 calories, 17g of fat, 25 grams of carbs and wait for it, 29 grams of protein! Ahh so freaking delicious!

Lunch- 2 of my BBQ chicken wraps and broccoli.

Supper-  Breakfast for supper. 2 fried eggs, ham and a slice of cheese. Hit the spot on this cold night!

Snacks- Blue Diamond Strawberry Almonds, where have you been all my life?

Please ignore the dirty dishes in the sink, bleh I need a maid!

I also had my trusty apple and peanut butter

Water- 135oz Another great day!

Exercise- Monday 2 a days!

Day 21

Super Bowl Sunday! But...we didn't have a party to go to so there was no food to prepare myself to avoid which is always way easier.

Food Choices

Breakfast- I made french toast for Reagan and myself. I also had sausage to get protein in so it wouldn't be a complete carby meal.

Lunch- 2 smoked sausage links

Supper- Another nice part about going to my parent's house for supper, mom is on the challenge as well so she was going to make something good! Chicken tacos it was. Delicious!

Snacks- On the weekends I struggle to get my snacks in since I'm not usually on a structured schedule like I am at work.

Water- 114

Exercise- Reagan and I played and played and I chased and chased

Day 20

We had an amazing advocare mixer today. I was a tad worried how my day would go because I wouldn't be home to eat at a normal time but everything worked out! The mixer was a success and I have a great girl starting her challenge soon!

Food Choices-

Breakfast- 3 sausage links

Lunch- Buffalo Chicken wraps, 3 of them

Supper- Chicken breast and a side salad with celery seed dressing.

Snacks- I had a VO2 prime bar at the mixer, holy yumminess. I am for sure adding them to my next order!

Water- 157 BOOM!

Exercise- Total body class

Day 19

5 more days. Bring it!

Food Choices

Breakfast- Berry Shake

Lunch- We splurged at work and got Chipotle. I'm sure I've mentioned it before but this is one of my favorite places to eat. The food is good, clean and the french fry temptation isn't there. Although their chips, oh their chips. I got my usual, chicken bowl with a little brown rice, extra veggies, corn salsa, a little cheese and guacamole.

Supper- We had a girls night at J's house (gym owner J). So there was a ton of snack and finger food. I took my broccoli but I mixed it up and had broccoli, green beans and peas. Yum! I had a bowlful of that and then a ton of fruit. So stinking good!

Snacks- Apples and peanut butter

Exercise- Spin/lift in the morning

Water- 123.5

Day 18

Less than a week to go on the challenge.  I can do this I can do this I can do this!

Food Choices

Breakfast- 3 of my breakfast eggs rolls. I'm almost out and I need to find some time to make some more!

Lunch- Matt had put ham in the crock pot the night before so I had leftovers and some of my broccoli.

Supper- Swim lesson night so I got an antipasta salad from a local pizza shop and got Matt pizza. They make their own dressing which is so darn good! It is an oil and vinegar but so delicious. In college, I would want this for Friday night suppers on the weekends I came home because nothing compared to it!

Snacks- Good ole apples and peanut butter

Exercise- Thursday morning spin/lift along with parent child swim.

Water-  98oz eh