Tuesday, December 24, 2013

New Year, New You?

We've all done them, heck this is probably the one thing that most of us never ever follow through on. Yup, I'm talking about new year's resolutions. We all know that feeling, the feeling of getting a fresh start, a clean slate, starting anew. We grasp it and run with it. We vow to follow through with our resolution(s), we aren't going to let life get in the way, if we stumble we are going to get right back up and start again. We are much like the college student starting the new school year, we are going to study, be organized, be involved. By the 4th week, yea not happening. The note taking is not even legible, study sessions aren't attended, studying yea right. Then we get that wake up call after midterms and we are shaken again and jump back on the wagon and somehow make it through.

That is always what happened to me with my resolutions. I would be a go getter, sign up for the 1 year membership at the gym, buy new workout clothes, vitamins, shakes you name it I bought it. This was going to be my year. And by about February I'd miss a few days and those days turned into weeks and then months and pretty soon I was shelling out $50 a month for a gym membership that I hadn't used in months. Yea, total waste of money. Then usually about June I get back on the band wagon for a month but I don't see results like I think I should see (umm hello I just burned 600 calories on the elliptical why don't these pants fit better type of results, geesh get real Megan!)

Then I had Reagan and my whole world changed. It wasn't just about me anymore. I had a little girl who depended on me, who needed me. I had a little girl that I didn't want struggling with her body issues the way I have my entire life. I knew this time I would have to change once and for all. So on a a hot August day I stepped into a gym on a farm (yup a farm, a building that had been converted into a gym) and sweated like I had never sweated in my entire life! I still have the text message from J that next day, asking how I was doing and wanting to know if I was coming back. I could hardly move the next day but couldn't wait to go back. Something was different this time, I don't know if it was me, the motivation J gave, the fact that I was a mom or a combination of all 3 but whatever it was it worked.

Now, here I am 4 months later, down 15lbs and numerous inches. I've done 2 breastfeeding challenges with advocare, I get up in the morning and go work out (4:30am workouts!), my energy level is through the roof, my clothes fit better, I have a pile of clothes that don't fit anymore, I'm stronger and my confidence in myself has increased. There are times I amaze myself with what I can do, what J pushes me to do. It motivates me to continue to see how I am changing and where I will go next.

Starting in January I am committing to the Lean in 13 along with another biggest loser challenge at the gym. My brother is getting married in June, the bridesmaid dress has been ordered and when it arrives in February I don't want it to fit. I want it to be loose and I want to have a huge alterations bill.
So now, who else wants to change once and for all. Who wants to make 2014 their year?

I would love to put together a group for a 24 day challenge starting in January. You would receive personal coaching, nutritional plans as well me to help keep you accountable!

Contact me for more info on advocare and what it can do for you!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

First One Ever

Weigh In Wednesday

I've never done one of these. Shocking right?!

Anyways, I'm almost done with my third 24 day challenge from advocare. I will admit this was a hard one for me. The cleanse wasn't easy, wasn't perfect but I did feel better. The max phase hasn't been perfect either but it has gotten easier. I don't crave things like I used too. Diet coke, has really become a thing of the past. Spark and water are what I am usually carrying around with me and believe it or not, I have come to like the shakes especially on the mornings that I work out till 6:30 and it is rush rush rush to get around. I can throw a shake in my purse and drink it on the way to work. Berry has become the new favorite. I can tell I'm getting stronger and last night

While I can't do another 24 day challenge yet, I would love to get a challenge group started for the 24 day challenge. If I get enough interest, I will throw together a pretty awesome price package (the thoughts are already starting to flow!)


Want more info on the 24 day challenge or on advocare in general, I would love to help you! Send me an email at mefredritz at gmail dot com


Okay, I think it is time to introduce this blog to the rest of the world. How will I be doing that per say? Well pinterest duh! So here goes with my first ever pinning of anything on pinterest. I made (haha thanks to some awesome tutorials) a button to share that I will be posting for others to grab and share as well. Without further ado, my masterpiece.
Simple, cute, effective right!

So now that it will bring readers (hopefully) to my blog, I need to hold myself more accountable to blogging 2-3x a week. I plan on sharing my struggles, my triumphs, recipes that I approve and if I can get my picky husband to approve as well, exercises, tips and information on advocare and some of my favorite products. Most importantly, I want to help mom's understand that it is okay to focus on yourself at times. It is okay to take an hour to work out, to leave your kids with someone else to take time out of the day for you. To ask for help, nutritionally and physically. The hardest step in this process is learning that I can't do it all. Tough pill to swallow, right but one that I think as mom's we have to learn to do if we are going to succeed in leading healthier lives for us and our kids.

So if you are a first time visitor, welcome. I hope I can give you some inspiration along the way. Should you have any questions please send me an e-mail  at mefredritz at gmail dot com I look forward to hearing from you!