Before and During

I'm not saying before and after since the after isn't here yet! So here are some pictures from before I committed to being serious about my weight loss. I will say, I was hard pressed to find a lot of full length pictures of me!

April 2013. Four months post baby (isn't that baby adorable though!) The scrounging around I had to do to even find an outfit that fit almost brought me to tears. Yet, I still denied that I could lose the weight by myself.

This was my mom's last day of school. We had arranged for a limo to pick her up. This also was the day before I started my first ever 24 day challenge. That was the start of the new beginning although I took about a month off after that challenge before I buckled down and took my health and weight loss to the next level.

I am horrible with taking #selfies! This was taken back on November 1st. While it can be hard to see, the difference in my face is huge!

Stay tuned for more progress pictures!

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  1. I can't wait to see more of your progress! You got this!