Monday, May 11, 2015

Jump Starting

We've all been there. We dive head first into our weight loss. The timeline looks something like this.

Day 1- Bound out of bed put on brand new gym clothes (because you can't workout unless you have new clothes). Lunch is packed with clean wholesome food. Cutting out that soda cold turkey.

Day 2- Don't quite jump out of bed because you are so sore. Lunch is packed because you took advice from others and meal prepped. Still not wanting that Diet Coke because you have goals!

Day 3- Today is much like yesterday. Still sore but pushed through. Today though, it seems like everyone was having a diet coke.

Day 4- No bounding out of bed. You are sore, tired and you convince yourself it is your "rest day". Today everyone is drinking Diet Coke while eating burgers and fries. Yummmm burgers and fries.

Day 5- You step on the scale. You think to yourself, I feel good. I feel lighter. The scale says +2. Seriously I gained weight?!?! How does that even happen? So today you partake in the burgers and fries. Because well you just can't lose weight.

Day 6- My body can't lose weight. I don't care. Eat all the foods!!!!

Day 7- Ugh I really need to get my eating under control. I need to go to the gym.

Does this cycle sound familiar?

I know this is how my life was.

I would do great but as soon as I didn't see results I would quit. Then I found a plan that would allow me to jump start my weight loss. I could eat real nutrient dense foods. I wasn't starving myself. I never felt deprived. I was feeding my body and taking supplements for what I was missing.

My cravings went away. I felt better. I slept better. My workouts improved and my strength woh I was increasing my weights it seemed like every week.

I also found success. I was losing weight. I was losing inches. My clothes were fitting better.

This is what I had been looking for. It wasn't a magic pill. I still had to put the work in. But I was seeing results. That one thing we all crave when we start our weight loss journey.

I want you to see results too. I want you to feel success. I want you to end this cycle.

Which one will it be? I'm here ready to help.


  1. That's like me whenever I start off fresh lol. Except this time! Sticking with it :)

  2. That's like me whenever I start off fresh lol. Except this time! Sticking with it :)