Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Here Goes

I've done this blogging thing before. Well, actually I still have my other blog. If you want to follow that one as well, the link is on the side! That one pertains to the journey my husband Matt and I went on to have our sweet miracle Reagan and now parenting that not always so sweet baby girl. I started to chronicle my weight loss there but decided that I wanted that to remain what it was, an infertility and parenting blog. In the future that blog will once again be filled up with doctors appointments, updates, medicines and hopefully bump pictures. For now though, it is helping me remember important dates and achievements that Reagan has. Plus, it helps me stay connected to the IF world, a world where I have met some of THE most amazing woman and their stories pull at your heart strings and make you question your faith and then bring it all back full circle. So therefore, the birth of this blog.

Picking a name for a blog is hard. I didn't think it through all that well with my IF blog but that's okay. This time was different. I feel like I know more about the whole blogging experience. I kept it short and sweet and to the point. I am being selfish by taking time away from Reagan and Matt to work out. Then one day I stopped myself, I wasn't being selfish by taking that time away, I was being selfish by not doing it. Like every other mom and wife, we put our needs last. We worry about making sure the house is clean, dinner is cooked, laundry done, kids bathed and put to bed and everything else. We usually come last and in my case that meant that I had the excuse that I was too tired to work out. I was too tired to meal prep and plan out my week. I was too tired to really even care that I was slowly killing myself. Dramatic, maybe but the longer I left this weight stick around the higher my risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, do I need to keep going? What happens if something like that happens and I can't take care of my family anymore. To me that is selfish. So I said enough is enough. I decided to take charge.

In June I did my first 24 day challenge with advocare. More on advocare later. I didn't take any after measurements due to being crazy busy. July is a crazy month for us and August came and again I said enough was enough and started working out at a local gym. The first night was killer and the owner of the gym thought I wouldn't come back. Well to her surprise and a lot of other people's I kept coming back and now it is part of my routine. So much in fact that I even do personal training with J (the owner of the gym, a great motivator and even better, a friend) at 4:30 in the morning! Yea this girl gets up at 3:45 every Tuesday to go workout for an hour.

So I invite you to follow me along my journey of being a selfish momma so I can be a better momma!

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