Tuesday, December 17, 2013

First One Ever

Weigh In Wednesday

I've never done one of these. Shocking right?!

Anyways, I'm almost done with my third 24 day challenge from advocare. I will admit this was a hard one for me. The cleanse wasn't easy, wasn't perfect but I did feel better. The max phase hasn't been perfect either but it has gotten easier. I don't crave things like I used too. Diet coke, has really become a thing of the past. Spark and water are what I am usually carrying around with me and believe it or not, I have come to like the shakes especially on the mornings that I work out till 6:30 and it is rush rush rush to get around. I can throw a shake in my purse and drink it on the way to work. Berry has become the new favorite. I can tell I'm getting stronger and last night

While I can't do another 24 day challenge yet, I would love to get a challenge group started for the 24 day challenge. If I get enough interest, I will throw together a pretty awesome price package (the thoughts are already starting to flow!)


Want more info on the 24 day challenge or on advocare in general, I would love to help you! Send me an email at mefredritz at gmail dot com

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  1. Love the name of your new blog! I think being a little selfish will be great for our kids in the long run. Gonna follow you on Instagram! :D