Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Boot Camp Day 2

Day 2

Advocare Chocolate Shake made into a muffin with 2tbsp peanut butter

Leftover Ham Steak & green beans

Hamburger (no bun)

Blue Diamond Strawberry Almonds
Medium Honeycrisp Apple with 2tbsp peanut butter

Water intake-149.2oz

Steps- 9,024 not quite 10k but better than the day before at 6,849

Exercise- I slept in. Did not make it to the gym and the weather was nice so Matt was spraying so no gym in the evening. I decided to make my own and went up to the Shrine park with Reagan and we walked, did tricep dips, and 2 workout programs from Instagram. Ended up with a great workout in am hour and a tired baby.

Old Megan would have just walked or said screw it, new Megan voluntarily did burpees, crazy stuff!

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  1. Nice work! Looks like you're working hard to accomplish your goals.