Monday, June 2, 2014

Boot Camp

Today was the first day for the buddy boot camp at the gym. I have a pretty awesome buddy and we are ready to kick butt!

In order to keep myself accountable during this 8 week boot camp I plan on blogging about my daily intakes, exercises and whatever else comes to mind. This will be pretty similar to the posts I did about the 24 day challenge (starting here).

My buddy A and I are planning on heading to the store together on Saturday morning and we are going to be texting each other throughout the day to keep us in check. We both are usually at the gym in the mornings and we both want to get some 2 a days in. With the boot camp we get personal trainings and our hope is to be able to do them on Sunday mornings. That way I don't have to worry about a sitter for Reagan. Plus, I will get a good start to my Sunday which usually according to my fitbit is my laziest day.

Day 1

Advocare Berry Shake

Modified "stir fry"- veggies and chicken no rice
Blue Diamond Strawberry Almonds

Ham steak and a veggie

Best Life Peanut Butter Extreme Protein Bar
Medium Honeycrisp Apple with 2tbsp peanut butter

Water intake- So far today I am at 129.5. My goal is at very least a gallon but more along the lines of 150oz.

Steps- 10,000 so far today I am at 3,602

Exercise- I woke up late but still managed to get a 45 minute spin/lift in.

Goals for the bootcamp-
1. 30lbs total.
2. I'm bad at figuring out inches lost but lets shoot for 10 inches.
3. Run a mile without stopping
4. Full out burpee

Week 1 goal- 3lbs

1. Shopping for 2 new pair of jeans
2. Massage
3. Pedicure

There it is, all laid out for the world to see.

Bring it boot camp, you ain't got nothin on me!

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