Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Day Late-Wednesday Weigh In- GYSTS14

Well I'm a day late and this isn't even technically a weigh-in. You could call it a measure in or a measure check-up. No weigh in yet, I have 2 weeks to go and it is getting easier to avoid the scale. However, you can bet your bottom dollar when the 24 days is up I will be hopping on the scale.

So I measured a day later as well which still I am darn proud of these results, in 8 days!

                                                                 Right Arm- 16.5
                                              Left Arm- 16
                                               Chest- 44.5
                                               Waist- 44.5

                                                   Hips- 3
                                            Right Leg- 31.5
                                             Left Leg- 30.5

 Now I will say I think my leg measurements were skewed and may have been measured too high up on my leg. However, even if you take those numbers out I still lost 8.5 inches! Gosh, it is crazy what eating good food, working out and drinking my water.

Why I ever got off track when I know what my body is capable of beats me (oh wait, smore's, adult beverages, fair food, snacking...)

This picture spoke to me this morning. Read it and let it sink in then go out have a great day!

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