Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Recap- GYSTS14

I've written a post before, about how I struggle with the weekends. You can read it here. They tend to throw me off track, I don't have the structure like I do during the week. That being said, keeping on track during the weekend is a goal of mine during this #GYSTS14

The first weekend, I did good. I stayed on track food wise, went to a Saturday morning workout and got my steps in.

This weekend...not so much...

Friday night Matt and I had a sitter. We didn't do anything wild and crazy, just some quality alone time. I love my daughter with all my being but it was nice to have a normal conversation and eat a hot dinner.

Obligatory Date Night Selfie

Saturday we went to the fair. Last fair of the season. Nothing crazy food wise but I did have some french fries and a milkshake. Well let me rephrase that, Reagan had a milkshake and I got some of it.

Then Sunday came... I was running around like a mad woman. So fast food for breakfast happened. Subway and a cookie for lunch happened. Oreo bomb cake for dessert happened.


Then I remembered though, Monday I get a new day. A fresh start to the week. Today I kicked butt. I had a great workout. A good protein packed breakfast. My lunch was awesome. I don't have dinner planned but I know I have the choice to make it a god choice. So regardless of my weekend, I started fresh today. And I will win today. And tomorrow and heck the rest of the week. Then come next weekend, I won't slide down the slippery slope. Happy Monday!

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