Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday-GYSTS14

Well this technically isn't a weigh in post more of an accountability post in the #GYSTS14

Yesterday I dealt with a sick little girl. I knew she didn't feel good in the morning. She was warm but nothing alarming and at this age it is hard to know what is teething related and what isn't. So we sent her on to the sitter.

J the sitter texted me about noon and said she hasn't had a wet diaper all morning which is unusual for my kid because like me she likes to guzzle water. So I called the doctor. I hate being one of "those parents" but dehydration scares me. The Dr. said that if she was still dry after her nap to call and we can go from there. Well sure enough she was so I called and they said to bring her in. Thankfully by the time we got their she didn't have a dry diaper anymore. When they checked her throat it was enflamed so he gave us a prescription for amoxicillian. She was such a cuddle bug last night and went to bed around 7:30.

Which allowed me time to get some cleaning done and make Oven baked chicken fajitas (I just didn't use the wrap part, no need for extra unwanted carbs!) I also cooked up some asparagus to put in the freezer for a quick and easy veggie.

Needless to say I didn't hit my 10k steps but I did get my workout clothes situated because this morning I woke up for 5am spin/lift.

Stats for 9/2
Water- 124.8

So today I will get my 10k steps and hit 150oz.

While I am remaining vigilant on my once a week weigh in and measurements I can already say I feel better after 1 day of eating healthier, moving and drinking water. Amazing!