Friday, September 5, 2014

The Scale Struggle- GYSTS14

I've linked up with ALG, Uniterrupted For her Fitness Friday. Amanda from Assignment Amanda had this and it fit in line with the theme I had in mind for today's post.


So remember back oh a few days ago when I mentioned how I was only going to measure once a week and weigh in at the end of the challenge. In case you forget, Go Here. 

Well let me tell you, as a former scale addict this is HARD!

I feel like my scale just looks at me from under the storage rack, taunting me, encouraging me to pull it out and see the little blue screen light up.

Yup pretty sure I've lost it!

However, I have remained vigilant. Even when I see the scale at the gym just begging me to step on it. I turn and walk away. Kudos to me I say.

I know that number does not define me. That number is simply gravity pushing down on me or something along those lines. I watch enough Big Bang Theory I should get it #amiright!

Yet that number on the scale still has such a hold on me. I get excitement when I see it go down, and disappointment when it doesn't move or worse, goes up! Even when I tell myself that it really doesn't matter. Even when I know I lost inches. Even when I know that my clothes fit better.

It still has a hold on me...

So I am going to break the addiction. I am not going to let myself live and die by what the scale says.
(Pinky Promise)

Speaking of pinky promises. 

My gym buddy and I made a pinky promise. And you don't dare break a pinky promise right A!

We are going hard 6 days a week (unless kids or work interfere) for the month of September. When we reach our goal we are getting a girls night!

Quick Checkin

Steps- 8,212
Water- 158.6

Circuit Training
Steps- 9,993 (seriously I didn't get 7 more steps!)
Water- 151.3

Tomorrow is a big day for our family, please say a prayer for us that our dream that we have worked hard for comes true!


  1. You got this! I am going to be hitting the gym super hard starting this next week. I am so close to breaking 300!

  2. Hi Megan! Thanks for joining the link up! I know what you mean about a scale addiction. LAWD it is hard not to let that thing rule your life. You are doing great :)