Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday- GYSTS14

Seriously we are back at Wednesday already?!?! This month is flying by.  I'm going to venture and guess that working out 5 days a week keeps the week moving.

Slowly but surely, harvest is starting and my life becomes crazy so I have to make sure I budget the time to get my meals prepped so I am not relying on quick meals like fast food and pizza. I love using my crock pot during this time of year. I can throw something in and know that dinner is made when I get home.

Measurement check in

Right Arm- 16.5-    Same
Left Arm- 16.5-  +.5
Chest- 44-           -.5
Waist- 42-             -2.5
Hips- 54.5-            -1.5
Right Leg- 31.5-       Same
Left Leg- 29.5-     -1

So another 5 inches gone! I can definitely tell that I have been losing in my hips. I have been able to go to my closet and pull out 2 pairs of jeans that fit in the spring but as summer went on they haven't fit. The one pair is an old pair that I have kept around because I love how they fit and for the longest time didn't fit. Now they are part of my rotation of jeans! I can't wait till they can go in the too big pile.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Yayy, awesome job!! Having clothes fit again is seriously one of the best rewards!! Would love to hear some of the meals you're making in the crock-pot... it's that time of year that I need to start using mine more!

  2. Great changes! I see you're on fitbit! Add me if you like!