Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 10-Cleanse Results

After 9 days on the cleanse, I was down a total of 5lbs and 8 inches. Any weight loss during the cleanse phase is a complete bonus.

Last day of the cleanse. I feel so much lighter. My belly doesn't feel so bloated. To put it simply, I just feel good!

Food Choices-
Breakfast- I planned on having a berry shake but walked off and forgot it. Thankfully, I had a few chocolate ones in my cupboard at work. It wasn't my favorite to drink. Wayyy to chocolately for me. Old Megan would have skipped breakfast and then wondered why I was hungry and feeling sluggish. So win for me!

Lunch- Last day of the quinoa stir fry. This is kind of a big deal for me since I normally don't eat left overs and for this many days in a row! Yes it did get old but it was so easy to just reach into the fridge and grab my lunch and go. This food prep stuff is growing on me! Finished off the rest of my berry bowl from Kroger, blueberries, black berries and strawberries.

Supper- Nothing sounded good so we went with the quick staple of eggs and sausage.

Snacks- Chocolate shake muffin along with some peanut butter. My favorite apple, honeycrisp and peanut butter as well.

Exercise- Today was a 2 a day. Started with a butt kicking personal training session with J. Today showed me just how strong I have gotten. I've always been a strong girl (farm girl right here!) but when the weight piles on you don't feel strong. Today, I felt strong. That evening was a total body class and even though I was tired I pushed through.

Water- 133oz BOOM! Still not quite where I want to be but a dang good effort!

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