Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 11- Starting Phase 2 Max Phase

Done with the cleanse. Done with the fiber drink! Ahh I feel so much better! It is amazing how much better you feel when you really focus on not shoveling crap into your mouth and eating only good clean, whole, unprocessed foods!

Before I started this challenge I was using the MNS packets. I had opted to try the MNS C for the maximum appetite control. Let me tell you, this has been huge in helping me not piece between meals (well besides my snacks!) There are times that I forget to take my snack because I'm not hungry because of effect of these packets. I will probably go back to the MNS 3 when I start another challenge and continue in that rotation until I get to where I don't need the maximum appetite control.

Food Choices- I know you can start adding in a few of the items back into your diet but I still limit my carbs and dairy. Limiting carbs works for me and with my PCOS it actually is recommended.

Breakfast- Berry Shake

Lunch- Our operations manager decided to buy pizza for everyone. Believe me the pizza sounded good but I knew it would make me feel blah so I ordered a salad instead. I still got to smell the pizza but didn't have to mark down those calories!

Supper- Well supper brought the same temptation of pizza as lunch did. I ordered the boneless wings and a side salad. However, I wasn't able to resist the breadsticks and had 2 of them. I did take my carb ease before eating the meal so I felt slightly less guilty.

Snacks- Apples and peanut butter along with the cuties clementines. Love those things because they are so easy to peel and help satisfy the sweet cravings I get.

Exercise- Spin/lift in the morning. Then we are doing parent child swim lessons at the YMCA. Holding my chunk of a child for a half hour sure is a bit of workout. This was also the reason we had pizza for supper!

Water intake- 99oz.

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