Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day 4

Here we go, day 4.

Food Choices
Breakfast- Berry meal replacement shake. This are so convenient for mornings when time gets away from me. I can literally drink it on my way to work and know that I am not eating junk. Plus I get 24 grams of protein in only 220 calories. Where else can you find that?

Lunch- Leftover chicken and sauce. I know it sounds redundant but I am trying to eat what I have and obviously I have a lot of chicken. I also would like to really eat what is in my cupboards so soon I can go and replenish with more good stuff. I am just tired of going to the store and buying foods that we don't eat and just go to waste. I also had the last of my green beans =(. No worries I got broccoli out to make!

Supper- Hamburger (one from my freezer so it was not lean). I had mushrooms and mustard on top of it.

Exercise- Morning spin class. Kicked my butt!! Then Reagan and I had parent child swim. Not that it is full out swim, however I am carrying the chunk around the pool walking, bending, kneeling for a half hour.

Water intake- 74oz. Yea it stunk today. It happens and tomorrow will be better.

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