Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 13 & 14

I have been really good about doing each day. However, this weekend was so uneventful since we were snowed in. Exciting events did happen this weekend as I did some awesome cooking and made some great items that I could throw in the freezer and grab quick. I will be sharing the recipes. The best part, they are so easy!

Food Choices
Saturday- Berry Shake
Sunday- Family breakfast of Eggs and sausage

Saturday- Brats and Green Beans
Sunday- Chili

Saturday- Homemade chili. I made a crock pot of chili, nothing better than filling the house with the smell of chili on a day when you are snowed in. It was so delicious!
Sunday- My baked egg roll chicken wraps. (Another thing I made this weekend, super easy and super delicious!)

Snacks- Apples, peanut butter, chocolate shake muffins

Water intake- 100oz each day.

Exercise- Chasing and constantly picking up after my very active 1 year old. Best.Exercise.Ever

Being snowed in this weekend was a bit rough. I could have put more effort into working out but it also felt good to relax and give my body a rest.

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